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Emphasis on Color


Probably one of the most important design choices of your entire canvas.  Where do you want your guests to go… set the mood… set the tempo for your wedding day.

It is said that colors spark emotion, memories and feelings… do you look at red the same way you look at pink?

When choosing your color pallet I encourage you to live in the choice a few days before purchasing or renting any details.  The colors you choose will set your tone for your wedding day.


You want your wedding to be in unity with all your details.  Yes, some do like to be daring with color, but for the majority choosing colors that compliment each other and blend with your details seamlessly will assure a visual balance for your day and your images.


In this industry I have noticed that color pallets tend to go along a certain scheme in regards to the season.  Spring weddings offer blush pinks, whites, greens, and yellows to keep a crisp clean design.  The floral options are vast when picking a wedding date in these months of April, May, and June.

Our fall brides on the other side, tend to choose more bold, richer colors.  Red, burgundy, gold, orange, and rich greens.  We love these as well!  The fall floral offered can truly make a statement in the floral department when choosing a date in September, October, and November.


Unity of the whole should be your drive.  Finding a balance of what you want your guests to experience, and what you want to remember in your images later should guide you in choosing the colors and style.

I would love to help you choose the best fitting pallet with your design in mind.

Image provided by Sarah K. Photography


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