About Me

Think a Little Less, Live a Little More


Do you ever wonder how simple life could be without the stress of planning, organizing, or implementing life’s many decisions?


Life should happen and sometimes we fill our days with so many “to-do’s” that we never really do “one of them” 100%. 

Whether you are planning a detailed event or planning life, having some help from a hired professional may make the world of difference in your event or in your lifestyle. 


I began building my skills in organization and planning over 10 years ago as a Math Instructor at our local community colleges.  Within a few years,  I took my planning and eye for details into the wedding industry with Dream Maker’s Wedding Estates, an elite private wedding planning company that catered to high end events at the Crystal Coast. 


Today, I offer my professional skills in planning, organizing, and implementing not only to the event business but to everyday life events as a Lifestyle Coach.


Wedding’s require hours and weeks of planning and decision making,  I use these same principles in my coaching lifestyle as well!  As I express to clients all the time, “We all have choices in life, at the end of the day it is those choices that will define us and who “we” are”. 


If you are planning an event such as a wedding, rehearsal, birthday or retirement gathering or planning personal fitness goals such as meal prepping, fitness, motivation, or better food choices I would love to guide you in your goals. 


Please feel free to contact me now with your ideas and goals and let us get started today!  



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